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Calming Colic (rebuild)

Calming Colic Website

Rebuild of the website Calming Colic, for Osteopath and Author of “Calming Colic – How to help the 10 causes of colic” Christian Bates.

Is your baby upset, crying, colicky and not sleeping? This book is a comprehensive guide on helping all these issues. You can even improve the future health of your child with the practical advice in this book

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Lose Weight Feel Great

LoseWeight Feel Great website

This weight loss program has been produced with you in mind.  The ultimate aim is to set you free from the modern day epidemic of overeating and overindulgence that creates so much happiness.  Yes, we can have it all, but it hasn’t made us happy.  If you’ve had enough of the diet industry and enough of the struggle it’s time to wake up and find a better way of doing things.  Let’s face it, what you’ve been doing doesn’t work, if it did you’d already be back at your natural slim state, yet you keep on doing it, expecting a different result.  You won’t achieve your dream by dieting, You’ll only do it by changing your mind, by thinking differently, and by changing your focus.  That’s what this program is designed to do, because you do need help,

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Mike Payne Studio

Mike Payne Studio Website-150

Renowned award winning international artist Mike Payne is best known as the creator of ranges and concepts of hugely successful characters and licensed merchandise known across the world.

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Nordic Sheepskin

Nordic Sheepskin Website

Nordic Sheepskin supply an extensive range of high quality natural rugs and throws at competitive prices. They pride ourselves on stocking a good selection of sheepskin rugs from various breeds in several colours and sizes. They stock a wide range of British, Australian, Icelandic & Tibetan sheepskins.

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Halo Headband UK (rebuild)

Halo Headband Website

Halo Headbands are perfect for running, walking, cycling, racket sports, gym work-outs, martial arts, construction workers, engineers, anyone working in hot places or whenever you want to keep sweat out of your eyes. They can be worn alone or under helmets and safety hats.

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At twentythree01 you can expect to discover an eclectic range of room accessories, dinnerware, toys, clothes and perfect gifts for babies and kids. We promise our products will make both big and little people smile, making homes a magical place!
twentythree01 website

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Kat Zahran Jewellery

Kat’s work is subtle yet striking, substantial yet delicate – designs cleverly balance gold, silver, oxidisation, precious/semi-precious stones and unusual pearls within a number of unique collections. Pieces are often inspired by playing with form as the design develops until a balance is achieved between the materials and the design.

Kat Zahran Jewellery Website

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Keystone Proclean

Keystone Proclean Website

Keystone Proclean is a family run pressure cleaning business based in the south east of England. We are in business to provide a renewed and refreshed, clean exterior look to private and commercial properties and cover Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

We consult with our customers to ensure their needs are met to complete satisfaction. The work may be as straight forward as a controlled pressure clean or you may require professional stain removal and sealing, either way we have the expertise to help you.

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Small Island

small-island-website small-island-website-150

Small Island was borne out of a desire to help promote the wealth of talent in craft and design in Ireland today. Created by Mandy Wilson, her aim is to source the most exciting craft and design products for the home that she can find on her frequent trips to Ireland to visit family and friends.

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