Website design & development

Do you need a website? If you’re not sure then maybe we can answer that question for you.

Website DesignThe World Wide Web is now an essential business tool. A successful website gives your business a presence on the web which shows your customers exactly what you have to offer, reflecting your ambitions and services to their full potential.

The Internet is the number one medium for directing potential customers to small businesses. Pound for pound being the most effective way of advertising your business, so why not join it?

West Sussex Websites is a Sussex based Web Design company that has made it its mission to offer good design to all. We believe this is imperative to any successful website, as first impressions make lasting ones. A professionally designed website will do exactly that, reflecting your companies ambitions and impressing potential customers or clients.

For your website to work effectively as well as being interesting and attractive, it needs to be easy to navigate and use and technically efficient. This is where we have the edge over many website designers as we understand all the technical aspects of developing and operating of websites whilst having lots of experience of the layout, usability and graphical design of websites.

We also take care to ensure that with each website we build it is fully tested and compatible with all the most commonly used web devices and browsers.