Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of any web package.

SEO - Search Engine OptimisationHaving a great website is one thing, but there’s no point if no one knows about it or can find it. Many people now search the web to find what they are looking for, whether it is information, services or products and they use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc to do so.

It’s no good being on page 10 of the results, no one is going to look there. Your site will be competing with many others to get as high as possible in the search engine ranks and it is the objective of Search Engine Optimisation to get you there.

There are thousands of search engine experts out there and you can pay a lot for their services. We feel we are different and believe that:

  • On-page optimisation must be inbuilt as part of the website design – we build search engine friendly websites which gives you and us the functionality to make it easy to optimise the site content.
  • We also believe that the readability and appearance of the site is import, far too many websites are stuffed full of keywords which isn’t interested and is brutal to read. Instead we look at strategic placement of words and phrases and using a diverse set of related keywords.
  • Link building is a major way to increase the authority of your site and get the search engines coming back to index it. But quality is much better than quantity in getting links. The “Social Web” is a great source of these links.

We will work with you to determine what level of search engine optimisation is appropriate and best for your business and deliver a service that ensures your website is found on the search engines how and by whom you want; and best suited to your budget.

So we can provide anything from basic search engine optimisation you want, a full throttle SEO programme or a high level pay per click advertising campaign.