Content management systems

Content Management SystemsWe specialise in building websites based on Content Management Systems (CMS). A regularly updated and current website is interesting to visitors and potential customers and the search engines such as Google love fresh content.

Content Management Systems allow you to update your website quickly and painlessly, whether you want to add pages, text or images. No technical knowledge is required and creating and editing website pages is no problem for a semi-proficent computer user. As they are easily to update Content Management Systems will save you time and money, even if you’d like us to maintain your website for you.

There are many different Content Management Systems available, each has its pros and cons depending on the website to be built. Depending on your requirements and budget, we recommend the best possible solution on which to build your website.

How a website is implemented on a Content Management System has a major impact on how easy it is to maintain. We understand how to manage content versus styling and how to get the most out of both of them and keeping website updates simple.

Training is also included as part of each project and we’ll work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with doing the updates that you want to do. And if once your site is live, you need help, we can give you support by phone or email.