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Technology To Teach

Technology To Teach Website

Technology To Teach is mainly focusing on the primary and early-years sector; children in this sector are aged from 3 through to 11. Each course run will focus on certain areas of the curriculum such as maths and science. However, each course will also make sure that a strong element of IT is incorporated into teaching ideas.

In addition the company also offers in-house consultancy work on using IT effectively. Staff training will involve teachers, children and support staff learning together on how to use appropriate IT resources. This is a far more cost effective way to make sure the technology is used by all members of the staff.

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Potential Personal Training

Potential Personal Training Website

Potential offers all the tools that you need to succeed to reach your individual health and fitness goals. Whatever your lifestyle, we can build bespoke fitness packages to suit each member as an individual and then provide the knowledge, skills and support needed along the way. We pride ourselves in making your journey fun and enjoyable, whilst still providing a challenging and progressive program that will result in amazing benefits to your fat loss, health, fitness levels and general well-being. Our success is built simply on our desire to help you be what you have always dreamed you could be and reach your full potential.

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At Scala-Advance, our job is to help you do your job better. We are a consultancy which develops leaders, strengthens relationships and helps organisations find direction and purpose. Simply put, we work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, by specialising in leadership and advancing team performance, through innovative thinking for greater business, and competitive, advantage.


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Changing Post

Specialists in Action Learning & Master Mind Groups. What we do: For organisations we help you implement, run, facilitate and evaluate Action Learning so that your managers work together to solve their current problems while learning from each other in small trusted groups. They develop their coaching skills, helping your organisation develop a coaching culture. For smaller business owners we run open Mastermind groups so that you too get the benefits of working in small trusted groups of like-minded individuals, where you develop and solve the real problems that hold you and your business back.

Changing Post Website

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