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Lose Weight Feel Great

LoseWeight Feel Great website

This weight loss program has been produced with you in mind.  The ultimate aim is to set you free from the modern day epidemic of overeating and overindulgence that creates so much happiness.  Yes, we can have it all, but it hasn’t made us happy.  If you’ve had enough of the diet industry and enough of the struggle it’s time to wake up and find a better way of doing things.  Let’s face it, what you’ve been doing doesn’t work, if it did you’d already be back at your natural slim state, yet you keep on doing it, expecting a different result.  You won’t achieve your dream by dieting, You’ll only do it by changing your mind, by thinking differently, and by changing your focus.  That’s what this program is designed to do, because you do need help,

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Fourth Step Consulting

Fourth Step Consulting Website

Fourth Step Consulting has 40 years combined experience with working with many of the foremost global businesses in helping individuals and organisations to develop and unlock their potential. Amongst their practice area are: consulting, workshops, arranging conferences, enabling change, developing leaders and maintaining sustainability.

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Potential Personal Training

Potential Personal Training Website

Potential offers all the tools that you need to succeed to reach your individual health and fitness goals. Whatever your lifestyle, we can build bespoke fitness packages to suit each member as an individual and then provide the knowledge, skills and support needed along the way. We pride ourselves in making your journey fun and enjoyable, whilst still providing a challenging and progressive program that will result in amazing benefits to your fat loss, health, fitness levels and general well-being. Our success is built simply on our desire to help you be what you have always dreamed you could be and reach your full potential.

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Changing Post

Specialists in Action Learning & Master Mind Groups. What we do: For organisations we help you implement, run, facilitate and evaluate Action Learning so that your managers work together to solve their current problems while learning from each other in small trusted groups. They develop their coaching skills, helping your organisation develop a coaching culture. For smaller business owners we run open Mastermind groups so that you too get the benefits of working in small trusted groups of like-minded individuals, where you develop and solve the real problems that hold you and your business back.

Changing Post Website

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