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The Spiritual Adventure Landing PageWith the huge popularity and usage of Facebook, Facebook pages are currently one of the hottest and most cost effective ways to add to market your business. Most companies have already realized this and have set up their own pages and are posting regularly to them. But there is more that they can do.! Since first impressions now mean everything, many have created a ‘welcome’ type landing page which is designed to convert visitors who have either stumbled across the page or found it because one of their friends have liked it, into fans.

In additional, there are the following benefits:

  1. A great looking landing page will get visitors wanting to find out more about your business.
  2. You can provide Facebook users with more information and they will be more likely to LIKE your page.
  3. You can use the landing page to injecting a Call to Action and as well as liking your page, seek more information. You can also direct the visitor to your website or even sign up for a newletter or ebbok.
  4. With the functionality within Facebook pages you can create a mini website within Facebook.

Take a look at our portfolio for some examples of the landing pages that we have created and if you require more information, please contact us.

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