An Internet Opportunity for Takeaways

ECommerce for TakawaysThere has been a rapid growth in websites that offer an online ordering service for local takeaway establishments. This is a great way for them to reach a wider audience of customers. They allow customers to order from the comfort of there own homes at a time that suits them and saves confusion or inaccuracies that may occur over the phone. However, each takeaway is competing with those on the same website.

So what if takeaways were to have their own website and provide the service themselves.? This would give them the ability to promote their own business, the website being there as there shopfront on the internet and have the added attraction of making easy for customers to place orders.

Some of the larger pizza chains are already doing it with their own bespoke websites. These are costly for smaller establishments, but there are now more affordable solutions. Based on modified ecommerce functionality, a content management system can provide takeaway menu pages that takeaway owners can maintain for themselves and update their menus whenever they want. Intergrated SMS messaging services can provide customers with order confirmations.

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