A Simple Model To Start To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

The Social Media TriangleTo many businesses starting out to try to make social media work for them, there is a confusing plethora of sites and things that they can do and set up. There is also plenty of good advise on what you should do: listen, have conversations, being helpful, being human and authentic and involving people and shouldn’t do: broadcast marketing messages. But where do you begin.?

Here’s my take on an approach and a strategy and model that you may consider using to get started.

  • Your website is where you want people to come and as an end result you obtain business from the Internet.
  • Your blog is where you publish yourself and your expertise and knowledge; where you want your reader to be educated, entertained or at least interested.
  • Your Twitter profile is where you let people know about your blogs, events and achievements and communicate and interact with others.

Think of it as a triangle, with each corner linked both via the web and via various interactions. For example: you write a blog, you announce the blog through twitter, someone finds your tweet in a search in TweetDeck, they may look at your twitter profile or read your blog, they may even comment on your blog or retweet it. At each point they may go to your website to find out more and so on…

One of the advantages of these tools is that you can do a lot to give your twitter profile and blog the same look as your website and even make your blog URL appear as part of your website. This allows you to maintain the consistency of your branding and image and build upon it.

This triangle model is certainly not the be all and end all, but you may find that it is a good start and a way into the world of the social web. As you use this and other social media, you’ll find that not only will you engage with potential customers, but also add caffeine to your search engine optimisation since Google and the like are now putting more emphasis on the social networks.

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